Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start when talking about your beloved, four-legged best friend. From companionship to unconditional love, it’s hard to find another creature on the earth as amazing as dogs. Some dogs can help find people buried in rubble after an earthquake. Other dogs can find drugs and explosives. Some dogs help the police keep us safe. Other dogs help lead their visually-impaired owner. These dogs all have specific jobs to do; most likely, your dog’s job is just to love you.

Pets to Vets is a dog transport company based in Los Angeles that specializes in dog transport services. Whether your large breed dog has grown too big for your car or you are heading to the airport, our pet taxi service can help. All of our drivers are trained in first aid for dogs and have dog handling skills. If an emergency should occur, we know just what to do. You can rest assured that your dog will arrive from point A to point B safely with our dog transport services. Below, we’ll share with you some of the ways that we make your dog comfortable during their dog transport. Call our dog transport company to learn more today!


Crate Carrier

While we realize that your dog probably rides in your front or back seat freely, during dog transport services, your dog will be confined to a crate. This is for their safety. After all, your dog doesn’t know us, so they may not listen to us. They may move around a lot, which could endanger the driver if they jumped in the front seat. And, if the driver had to slam on their brakes due to LA traffic, we want to ensure your dog is safely confined in its crate and won’t get hurt or worse, even fly through a windshield. We position your dog’s crate so that they can see us, and we’ll even talk to your dog occasionally as well. You can rest assured that your dog is in good hands with Pets to Vets in LA.

Dog Comfort

Many dogs have favorite toys that they take everywhere with them. These items are great to bring with you during dog transport service as they can provide comfort to your dog. We realize that not all dogs take to car rides like others, and some may be anxious. Comfort items, such as a blanket or a favorite toy can help them feel safe and secure during dog transport. A chew bone is also a great item to bring along, especially a fresh one. You can give your dog the bone right beforehand, and your dog may not even notice the car ride.


We love dogs as much as you do, and most of us are dog owners ourselves. You can rest assured that when you entrust your dog to our care that your dog will have the best dog transport service in LA. We do everything possible to ensure your dog is comfortable and safe during pet transport. They will always be in their dog crate during the entire trip. If something were to happen, many of our drivers are vet techs and all are trained in first aid and emergency situations. We know what to do if your dog should show signs of distress. If you are in the Los Angeles or Orange County area and need to transport your dog, give our dog transport company a call today!