There’s something special about cats, and if you’re a cat person, then you know that when they meow at you, they are trying to tell you something. Their purrs let you know that they are happy, and their purrs are comforting when you are trying to fall asleep at night or you are not feeling well. With their unique personalities, every cat is extraordinary.

Pets to Vets is a cat transport company based in Los Angeles that excels at cat transport services. Whether your cat is heading to the vet for their annual exam or you need help transporting your cat to the airport, we can help. Our trained drivers are experts at animal handling and are trained in animal CPR. You can rest assured that your cat will arrive safely at their destination when you partner with our best pet transport service. Below, we’ll share with you some of the ways we make your cat comfortable during cat transport. Call our cat transport company to learn more today!


Cat Carrier

Cats inherently don’t like being in confined spaces, which is why a lot of cats don’t like the cat carrier. It makes them feel trapped, which gives a cat anxiety since it can’t escape if it needed to. Many cats meow incessantly from the moment you put them in until the moment you take them out. While Pets to Vets can’t change a cat’s instincts, we do understand how the cat feels. We do our best to limit its anxiety during the trip by ensuring there are no dogs in transport with us as well. We face them so they can see us and will occasionally talk to your cat as well. However, you can rest assured that your cat will always be confined to a cat carrier for its safety during the duration of the cat transport phase.

Cat Comfort

All cats are territorial, which is why they rub up against you and everything else in the house; they are marking their territory with their scent glands. They are territorial creatures and don’t like to be out of their area, which is another reason why they don’t like to travel in general. However, the vet techs at Pets to Vets in Los Angeles note that cats do better when traveling with a comfort item. This carries their scent and can help to reduce their anxiety. A blanket is a good item to bring along and give to us, or a favorite toy. Any item that the cat has marked will work. We can place this next to your cat for the duration of the cat transport service.


Cat owners love their four-legged friends. They are often the ultimate in comfort animals. They are small enough to hold, hug, and to sit on your lap. You always know when they are happy because they purr when content. Their antics make us laugh, and they are just so cute and adorable.

Pets to Vets in Los Angeles treats your cat like our own. We ensure your cat is as comfortable as possible during cat transport service by helping to calm them with comfort items and our voices. While your cat may not like to travel, we do our best to ensure their every need is met. Our drivers have years of experience in caring for and handling cats, and they are trained should an emergency arise while in our care. When you partner with us, we’ll ensure your cat arrives safe and sound. Call for cat transport services today!