aircraft-742833_1920Pet Taxi Delivers

At Pet Taxi, we realize that pet travel is stressful for owners and pets alike, so we take special care of your pet during this time. We know the layout of the area airports, especially the designated pet relief areas so we can let your pet go potty before boarding the plane or loading in the van for the drive home. These designated pet areas are sometimes difficult to find so you definitely want a driver who will not only get your pet to the airport safely, but you also need a pet transport service that knows what to do when they get to the airport.

When to book Airport Transportation:

  • Your crate is too large for your vehicle.
  • You need help checking your pets into cargo or at the gate.
  • You need assistance with the booking procedures and requirements.
  • You need help clearing customs.
  • You need paperwork endorsed at USDA before international flights.
  • You need a pet taxi from the airport with your pet to a residence.

Our transport vehicles can accommodate a maximum of two giant (700 series) crates and one passenger. We are registered with the USDA Animal Welfare Act as a class T carrier, TSA certified, and are experienced with numerous airlines, cargo and customs procedures. Our staff is friendly and compassionate making this experience less stressful. Call us today to organize your pets’ complete trip to the airport.

Contact us through our contact form, email us at, or call us at (213) 400 PETS (7387).