Pet transport is important for those who want a hassle-free to and from the airport, but a pet transport service can be crucial for those with service animals and cannot drive themselves. If it’s your first time traveling with a service animal, here are some tips for a seamless flight with your companion.

Know the service animal guidelines

While you can go anywhere with your service animal according to US federal law, there is different legislation for air travel under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). The ACAA’s guidelines are forthcoming and grant access to individuals with services dogs to travel free of charge along with any items needed for the dog such as a crate, food, opr medical equipment.

Airlines are able to make inquires about the service animal, but must accept verbal affirmations or other identification and documentation of proof of the animal’s job.

Animals are unable to sit on an airline seat, and the owner and animal are prohibited from sitting in an emergency exit row for safety purposes.

Talk with the airline before you book a ticket

Each airline has slightly different perceptions of the ACAA guidelines for service animals, so it’s always in good practice to contact them directly about their specific interpretations. When you communicate with them, you’re also able to get seating recommendations or any tips and tricks for service animal travel.

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