Traveling for a human or dog can arise anxieties, but especially if your dog is not accustomed to riding in a car, or flying. When traveling with your furry friend, be mindful that things may be a little hairy as your dog tries to adjust to the new environment, and include a pet travel scheme to help keep things calm!

Motion sickness 

Dogs may feel nervous in the car, and this may induce nauseousness or motion sickness. The first sign to identify motion sickness is heavy drooling, pacing, and whimpering. To alleviate this stressor, try using a calming product such as Bach’s Rescue Remedy or ask your vet for a prescription.


If you’re concerned your dog may throw up, avoid giving your dog a large meal before travel; ideally feed your dog three to four hours before you leave. If your dog does get sick, avoid additional stress by yelling or chastising them, as this will only cause more trauma and anxiety in your dog.

Make sure you prepare items in case your dog does get sick. Pack puppy pads to place underneath your dog, water, and wet wipes to clean up any mess on your dog or in the car.

Are your nerves high?

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