reasons for pet taxi los angeles pets to vets

Odds are, if you have a pet, you went and picked them up from a breeder, a pet store, a friend, or a local animal rescue group. You had to transport them to your home initially. You will need to transport your pet places as well, such as to the vet or to the dog park. Sometimes, you’ll need to transport your pet to another state if you are moving.

Pets to Vets offers the best animal transport services, including dog and cat transport, in Los Angeles. Our staff consists of vet technicians who have years of experience in animal hospitals. We are trained in pet CPR, as well as emergency first aid. Our mission is to ensure your dog or cat gets from your home to their destination safely. Below, we’ll go over some reasons you may need pet transport services. Contact our pet taxi service today!


Pet Airport Transportation

If you are traveling with your pet via air travel, you may be taking a taxi there yourself and not taking your own vehicle, especially if you are leaving for an extended period of time. With our pet transport service, we can pick up your cat or dog and transport them to the airport so you don’t have to drive. This will save you from having to ask a friend to drive your pet, and you will save money on airport parking fees.

Pet Emergency Transport

If your cat or dog is having an emergency, odds are, you won’t be in any condition to drive. You may be distraught, or you may need to physically be holding your pet. When you call Pets to Vets for an emergency pet transport in the Los Angeles area, you automatically get priority. We do our best to get to your pet as quickly as possible without breaking any traffic laws. We are equipped with oxygen in case your pet needs it. Our staff have years of experience in animal hospitals dealing with traumas and emergencies. We are well equipped to handle and restrain animals who may lash out if they are in pain. Trust us to care for your injured pet today!

When You Can’t

Pets to Vets’ main benefit is offering convenient pet transport services for your dog or cat. Sometimes there are life events that prevent you from driving your dog or cat to the vet to receive their necessary care. Some reasons include when you aren’t feeling well, when you’ve just had a baby or a major surgery, or while you are at work. You may not be able to physically lift your dog into your vehicle, perhaps because you broke your arm or your dog is too heavy. Our best pet transportation company is here to help you when you need it most.


Pets to Vets is a top-rated pet transport company. We offer dog and cat transport services in Los Angeles and all throughout Orange County. When you need help getting your dog or cat to the vet, airport, or anywhere else, give our team a call today!