pet transport road versus air

There are many reasons you will have to transport your pet, from the fact you took a new job and are moving to the fact you are going on vacation and taking your dog or cat to a pet boarding service. You may also need pet transport for emergency pet services, or when your dog outgrows your car. Occasionally, you may need to transport your pet over long distances. So should you hire a pet transport service to drive your pet or should you fly them?

Pets to Vets is a Los Angeles-based pet transport service. We transport your pets wherever you need them, from the vet’s office to the airport. We have vet technicians on staff who treat your pet as part of the family. Below, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of pet transport via the road or via air. Contact our pet taxi service today to get started!


Pros of Road Pet Transport Services

  • Vet technicians who can assist your pet if something goes wrong
  • Better able to control the climate
  • Driver has eyes on the pet at all times
  • Driver can calm the pets
  • Less stress from an airport flight, cargo area, terminals, and more
  • Many pets, especially dogs, love car travel
  • Can be more comfortable for your pet
  • Can have your pet picked up and dropped off at your home
  • Pets have access to their food and water

Cons of Road Pet Transport Services

  • Takes longer, which can be more stressful, depending on the pet
  • May be more expensive than flights because of the level of care involved
  • Can be difficult to find a qualified pet transport service


Pros of Airplane Pet Transport

  • Faster
  • Convenient

Cons of Airplane Pet Transport

  • No control over pet once it leaves your sight
  • No control over the climate your pet is subjected to
  • Pets may have to wait on the tarmac before being loaded
  • Airline employees may not be specially trained to handle pets
  • Pets have no human contact while in flight, which can increase their stress
  • Their crates may be jostled around while loading, causing stress and possible injury
  • Change in air pressure can be unpleasant on your pet
  • Many dog breeds are not recommended to fly due to their short or snub noses that can cause breathing issues while flying
  • Your pet may injure itself trying to escape its pet carrier due to a panic attack or anxiety
  • Items can fall on your pet
  • May be hard to feed and water them


While we’ve listed the pros and cons of driving your pet versus flying your pet from point A to point B, the odds are overwhelmingly in the favor of driving your pet. With our pet transport and pet relocation service, our drivers have years of experience in handling pets and caring for them. You can rest assured that your pet will be treated like a member of our family while in our care. If you need a pet transport or pet taxi service in the Los Angeles area, give our animal transport service a call today!