Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pet pets to vets los angeles

The holidays are upon us, and this means a lot of activities are happening, from work Christmas parties and family get-togethers to shopping for loved ones and preparing for Christmas dinner. During the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be easy to spend less time with your pets because you have less free time. Thus, the holidays can be a busy time for veterinarians who see pets on an emergency basis.

Pets to Vets offers pet transportation services in the greater Los Angeles area. Our drivers are trained in CPR for pets, dog and cat handling, and many are vet technicians. We are TSA-certified, members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, and registered with the USDA Animal Welfare Act as a class T carrier. Beyond our credentials, we care about your cat or dog like they are our own, and we are experienced in trauma and knowledgeable in animal restraint. Below, we’ll offer up some tips to keep your pets safe during the holiday. Call our pet transport company today!


Be Mindful of Holiday Decorations

Many holiday decorations can cause your pets harm, and because they are shiny, they are super attractive to your pet. Christmas trees are a major hazard to your pets. They can ingest the pine needles, an ornament, or topple over the tree and hurt themselves. Water that your tree sits in can harbor chemicals that could make your pet, especially a cat, sick. And many holiday plants, such as mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias, are harmful if ingested. Be mindful of your pet when they are around these items in your home.

Be Mindful of Holiday Food

During the holidays, you most likely have food around your home that you don’t normally have, such as a variety of sweet breads, candy, chocolate, and more. Chocolate is harmful to both cats and dogs, and too much of it could yield a trip to the veterinarian to get their stomach pumped. Leftovers should also not be automatically shoveled in your pet’s bowls. Many holiday foods are full of fat and other harmful substances that can harm your pets. Alcohol, too, should be kept well away from your pets. Alcohol is attractive to pets because of its sweet smell and taste. However, alcohol is extremely dangerous to your pet if ingested. It could cause them to go into a coma and become weak from respiratory failure as well.

Be Mindful Around New Year’s

Confetti is extremely attractive to cats especially. Confetti launched into the air can end up in your pet’s water bowl, where it is quickly ingested. Depending on what the confetti is made of, it can easily get lodged in your cat’s intestines, which would require emergency surgery to remove — not good for your pocketbook or for your cat. Many pets, especially dogs, are scared of fireworks, so be sure they are locked securely away if you plan on being around any come New Year’s Day.


Pets to Vets began as a way for pet owners to safely transport their cat or dog to the veterinarian, airport, or even during a move. We’ve expanded to include emergency pet transport and deceased pet transport services as well. Our pet transport and pet relocation services help to relieve the burden you may feel from a move or during an emergency. Our pet taxi drivers can work around your time schedule. We are available 24/7 for emergency pet transport services. We offer climate-controlled transport, so your cat or dog will be comfortable, and we don’t have any breed restrictions. We’ll come to your door, too.

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