Believe or not, there are some pets who have traveled the world more times over than some people! They travel around Europe and roam the beaches of Mexico all with their human companions! In part one, we examined the PETS program in Europe and what needs to happen before they jet set to a new location! Let us help ease the stress of travel and add us to your pet travel scheme!

In today’s post, we’ll delve into more about different vaccinations, regulations, and restrictions your pet may face.

What Your Pet Needs Before Traveling

Before your pet departs to another exotic location and to secure their pet passport, your pet will need to have a rabies shot or have verification that it is up to date, and some countries also require verification of tick and tapeworm treatments. When you follow the vaccination guidelines, dogs are able to skip the quarantine process established during the re-entry or entry into a country.

Travel restrictions

Dogs must be over the age of four months old, regardless of vaccinations.
Some countries will uphold the restrictions of a dog entering fewer than 21 days before their last rabies shot.

Travel regulations

A certificate of good health is required in some states in addition to vaccination regulations.
Some states require owners to fill out a United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination For Small Animals (APHIS Form 7001) before flying out.

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