Traveling with your furry BFF is a lot more fun and makes jet-setting to new locations more fun when your whole family is along! Planning an adventure with your pooch these days takes much more than booking a flight and traveling to your destination, nowadays, dogs need specific and detailed documentation before they’re allowed to travel.

Find out all about pet passports and what your dog needs to board a plane and live the life of a traveler! At Pet Taxi, we want to help calm the chaos of international travel by offering you and your dog to a stress-free ride to and from the airport. Read more to find out about pet passports.

Getting Your Pet passport

A pet passport or pet travel schemes (PETS) originated overseas in the UK and is a program implemented by participating countries including the US and many places within the European Union.

If you’re looking to travel abroad with your dog, you’ll need to take them to a certified veterinarian of the US Department of Agriculture. Here the vet will issue a passport with all the forms and details you need for travel.

To start traveling with your pet, you must first visit a USDA certified vet for all the initial forms and information. Stay tuned for part two as we take a glance into what else is needed for a pet passport!

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