Pet Transportation In Los Angeles, CA

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You never want anything bad to happen to your beloved family pets. But what if something does and you are physically unable to get them to the vet in a rush? Or what if you have to work all day long and the only vet appointment is when you are too busy to get there? Perhaps your car is just too small for your large breed dog? Call Pets to Vets! We are Los Angeles’ number one trusted pet taxi and pet ambulance. Wherever and whenever you need to go you can count on us to get your pet there on time and safely.

You can trust all of our qualified drivers with the care of your pet. Whether it is an emergency or not, our special vehicles are designed for your pet’s safety. Uniquely designed crates and mattresses for large breeds allow for the quick and secure travel of all animals. It doesn’t matter where your pet needs to go, Pets to Vets is perfect for you.

Our staff is composed of registered veterinary technicians and experienced CPR-certified animal handlers, ensuring that your pet is safe during transport. If you live in Los Angeles or adjacent counties and would like more information about how we can help the transportation of your pet, contact us today! Your pet’s favorite ride awaits.