1. Pet Travel Part Two: Cargo Hold

    In our last blog, we covered the best flights for pets (shorts one), choosing the correct crate, and how to properly label it. If your animal has to be placed in cargo hold, always have a pet travel scheme in place to ensure a smooth transition before and after the flight. If your pet is over 11 inches tall or 15 pounds, they’re likely traveling in the plane’s cargo hold during the flight. Car…Read More

  2. Pet Travel Part One: Airline 101

    If you’ve never traveled on an airplane with your pet, there are some things to consider before boarding the plane. To make the trip to the airport seamless, hire a pet transport service for stress-free transportation to and from the airport! Aim for succinct travel If you can, book a non-stop flight to and from your destination — the less travel time for your pet, the better. This is especial…Read More

  3. Traveling With Your Pets: Part Two

      In our last blog, we tackled some common issues on pet travel anxiety and nerves. Since it’s the holiday season, we’ll focus on traveling with your pets around the holiday season. Whether you’re traveling long distance or using a company like Pet Taxi for a trip to the airport, it’s always important to have a pet travel scheme in place. Below you’ll find tips on how to make the transp…Read More

  4. Successfully Traveling with Your Dog: Part One

    Traveling for a human or dog can arise anxieties, but especially if your dog is not accustomed to riding in a car, or flying. When traveling with your furry friend, be mindful that things may be a little hairy as your dog tries to adjust to the new environment, and include a pet travel scheme to help keep things calm! Motion sickness  Dogs may feel nervous in the car, and this may induce nauseous…Read More

  5. Pet Taxi: Your Pet Transport Service in the Greater Los Angeles Area

    What if in the movie Home Alone, Kevin wasn’t an annoying little pest who was left at home to fend for himself, but instead he was your pet?! In the hustle and bustle of travel preparations, we always seem to forget both the little and sometimes big, things. This is when you would desperately need a pet transport service, so your best furry friend is able to get to the airport and spend Christma…Read More

  6. How to Stay Calm in an Emergency With Your Pet

    Pet Transport for Emergencies Almost no one can prepare for the moment that their pet is in an emergency situation. Whether it’s because they’ve stopped breathing or because they’ve been hurt, the pain of dealing with your pet’s health can be scary, to say the least. In the event of an emergency, it’s important to know how to handle your worries and stress. Not only will remaining calm h…Read More

  7. Why Choose Pet Taxi

    What Our Pet Transportation Has to Offer Like many pet owners, you consider your cat or dog as a member of your family. You do everything to ensure that they are happy and healthy, giving them love and attention every single day. When your pet is in need of medical attention or needs to travel, you want to have a pet carrier that you can depend on and Pet Taxi is that for you. Here’s why you sho…Read More

  8. What You Should Know About Our Emergency Pet Transport

    Emergency Pet Transportation You Can Depend On If you have a sick or injured pet, you’re already on high alert. Waking up every hour just to see how they’re doing, thinking that every whimper could mean pain for them, and worrying about their well-being are all things you’re doing to ensure that your pet is doing as best as they can. Here at Pet Taxi, we know just how nerve-wracking it can b…Read More

  9. Welcome to Pet Taxi!

    Hello and thank you for visiting us! Here at Pet Taxi, we make sure that your pets are getting the treatment, care, and transportation they need. We know just how difficult it can be to have to send a pet to the vet for serious health complications, which is why we are so dedicated to being the helping hand you need when these difficult times arise. It’s important that both the pets and pet owne…Read More