You can’t be around animals night and day without a passion for them. While dogs and cats are cute and soft to pet and fun to cuddle, they can be a chore, as most pet owners would agree. Sometimes dogs bark at the most inconvenient time (like when a prospective employer calls), or your cat pukes the food it just ate all over your kitchen table. While this is tolerable when they are your pet and you love them, this could cause your friends to be seriously mad if it was your dog or cat causing them trouble.

Pets to Vets was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles with the goal of helping all animals arrive quickly and efficiently from point A to point B. We understand that some pets hate traveling (which would be most cats), and some dogs become quite skittish. We also have the dogs that bark non-stop while riding in the back of a car. No matter the individual quirks of the animals we transport, our compassionate and caring staff care for each of our pet transports as if they were our own and make their journey as comfortable as possible.

Having seen our share of pet trauma cases from working in Los Angeles-area animal hospitals, we understand how to handle pets who have experienced trauma, such as having been hit by a car. We are knowledgeable in animal restraint and handling and can expertly and safely transport your pet no matter their state. We regularly use an animal stretcher to move your sick or injured pet to avoid further injury and make it easier to carry them. Our friendly staff can help lessen your anxiety and give you peace of mind.


Pets to Vets based in Los Angeles understands that not everyone is able to transport their pets. Still, pets, like humans, still need routine veterinary care and emergency care services. Our pet transport company was founded to help those who needed help getting their pet the care they need. We take great steps to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe while in our care. Our pet taxi service is there when you need us. Call us today!